"This is my first solo CD recording and has been a truly momentous  experience.  I feel humbled to have been able to record this and mark my  journey so far. The tracks were selected carefully to give the listener an  experience of different Rags and the feelings experienced within those.  I feel very blessed as the first, British born, female to have made a recording of this kind.   Growing up in the UK and making the choice to be an Indian Classical  musician has presented its challenges but at the same time has been THE  PERFECT PLACE for me to be allowed to learn, express, create and have the  freedom to be what I want to be.  I am ever grateful to all who have helped  me on this journey.   I offer this CD to the Divine Lord and pray that the path  I have chosen will allow me to serve others through this beautiful art form by invoking love, joy and peace." Roopa Panesar ALBUM CD ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS "I would like to thank Milapfest who have supported me and have been the  true driving force behind this CD recording.  I have been touched by their  belief in me and their dedication to promoting British born artists.  I am very  grateful to Kousicji, and fortunate to have the support of such a wonderful  tabla player. My deepest gratitude goes to my Guruji, Ustad Dharambir  Singh.  He is a blessed soul, a visionary, a remarkable, generous teacher who has blessed me immensely from the very beginning of my musical journey.   I eternally thank my beautiful parents whose undying love and support for me has made absolutely everything possible." info@roopapanesar.com © Roopa Panesar 2013 HOME     ABOUT     TOUR     PERFORMANCE     ALBUM     MEDIA     CONTACT
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